Čudna buka u Rijeci
I live in Rijeka and I've been constantly hearing some low frequency noise since I've moved here in autumn. The noise is very deep, like infrasound. I think it's definitely lower than 20Hz, but don't have any equipment to measure it, so I'm just judging by my ears. I don't suffer from tinnitus, I don't hear it in other places when I travel, and another person heard the noise here too. The noise stopped for 2 days during Christmas holidays, but since then it's been present for 24/7 again. It's mostly unnoticeable during the day when the noise is masked with other sounds of environment, but it gets much worse at nights, when the city is otherwise quiet. I can't sleep because of that. Earplugs don't help because they don't block low frequency sound. The noise is not localized - it can be heard in various places around the city. I suspect the source might be some industrial facility. Have you heard any similar complains from people who live in or near Rijeka? I tried searching the internet, but I don't speak Croatian and I didn't find anything.
Thank you!